Game Developers

Whether you’re an independent game developer, or a self-publisher, we can help get the right game onto any platform, navigate certification requirements and help you through the publishing processes. If you’re focused on working with publishers, we can extend your business development efforts and reach by positioning your company as top of mind for work for hire projects, or for that original IP title you want in front of the right decision makers.

Business Development
Having connections is one thing, but knowing what opportunities make sense for your company and your target partners is what sets the International Digital Entertainment Agency (IDEA) apart in interactive entertainment and digital media. Whether you’re looking for alternative ways to monetize a product, or seeking the right people to move your company forward, IDEA has its fingers on the pulse of the industry and is constantly growing its reach to new companies and contacts on behalf of its clients.

Self-Publishing Services
With thousands of titles in development for PCs, mobile devices, and consoles, more developers than ever before are confronted with the issues of self-publishing for the first time. IDEA offers consultation and guidance that aids independent developers in getting onto the right platforms, managing their own sales, marketing and PR efforts. The agency’s experience launching hundreds of titles on more than 20 platforms will help you succeed as a self-publisher.

Game Business Model Development
Sometimes great games don’t make money. Often they fail from a lack of research, market validation, and assumptions based on personal feelings on a team. We have built and tuned business models for dozens of games, from paid titles, to freemium, to Free-to-Play models with IAPs, subscriptions, you name it. Every game has a business model that will give it the greatest chance to succeed and we work hard to maximize success.

Marketing Strategy, Planning and Implementation
By crafting solid marketing strategies and working from targeted plans, we enable our clients to build campaigns that actually grow and sustain their brands, and player bases. Whether it’s traditional game industry media, influencers, or emerging promotional trends, we’re constantly trying new things to see where we can maximize the value of marketing.

Pre-Publisher Awareness
 IDEA tailors and executes campaigns to reach individual targets and maximize awareness prior to publisher and distributor meetings. For companies seeking international partners, the agency generates targeted interest while providing valuable research and feedback on concepts, culturalization, value propositions, and the overall “X” factor of your product.

Production Assessments and Optimization
Sometimes its hard to see inefficiencies in your studio, but the fact is, most studios have a lot of waste whether it’s due to inexperienced project management, or systems that don’t have buy-in, or the lack of a unified goal. We step in and assess how your studio works and make actionable recommendations about how to improve production and morale.